Commercial Solar

Commercial Solar Power systems deliver a whole range of benefits to your business as well as being a great financial investment. When considering a commercial solar system for your business you should ask the experts Wescor who have the expertise and experience to deploy the optimum commercial solar system for your business.

Reduced Energy Costs

Over the next five years we foresee uncertainty and the constant threat of continuing electricity price rises. A Solar system allows a system owner to produce a portion of their own electricity requirements on site thus removing some of this uncertainty.

Lower Carbon Emissions

A Solar System will help your business reduce carbon emissions as electricity generated from solar systems produce no carbon emissions. The fact that it is generated on site with no transmission losses means it offsets even more than it generates. A solar system also reduces reportable emissions under the Carbon Tax (whether directly to the Federal Government or via upstream client reporting).

Reduced electricity tariffs

A Commercial Solar Systems electricity production for commercial clients (daily business operations) works very well with peak demand (and highest prices) so you need to purchase less electricity at these premium rates. Businesses are also levied a fixed charge based on their usage at the networks peak demand points during the year. A Solar System can directly reduce that charge.

Roof Shading so lower internal cooling costs

commercial solar

Stunning visual statement as to an organisations environmental credentials

A well designed quality Commercial Solar System can greatly enhance the aesthetics of your property as well as displaying your business commitment to the environment.

Competitive advantage

Business is competitive by nature and one thing is certain – ANY COMPETITIVE IS ADVANTAGE IS HIGHLY REGARDED – A well designed commercial solar system will give you that competitive advantage. Why wait to improve your bottom line!