A Commercial Solar Business Case is a “NO Brainer”

commercial solar business caseThe threat of electricity price rises poses significant challenges for any business and we see more and more of this happening. Installing a Commercial Solar Power system is the solution which can reduce your electricity costs immediately and significantly reduce electricity expenditure going forward. Solar energy is a significant aspect of any business sustainability program.

  • Investment Returns are Substantial
  • Long Term Lower Electricty Cost
  • Instant Cost Reduction
  • Reduction of Carbon Emissions

Commercial Solar Business CaseWe emphasise strongly the “no brainer” commercial benefits when providing you with a quote containing the information you need to make an investment decision. Well provide a fully detailed proposal that considers your electricity usage, your current and future electricity tariffs and a complete evaluation of your businesses suitability for commercial solar power. Our quote includes

  • Your Proposed Yield
  • Return on Investment
  • Business Case Elements

With the price of solar power declining dramatically over the past 3 years and recent electricity price rises the business case for solar is now extremely attractive. We consider several elements when reviewing each client’s business case and these include;

  • The capital cost of the systemNo Capital Outlay if Leased
  • The yield generated by the system
  • Your personal useage analysis
  • Roof Space for optimum performance
  • Off the Grid Options

Just call us or make an online enquiry and see how MUCH YOU CAN SAVE with our Commercial Solar Business Case sure to impress.