commercial solar

Commercial Solar

Why Solar Power for your Business?

With the continuously increasing demand for electricity, and the growing concern for the environment, many businesses are turning to solar power as an alternative to grid electricity. Among the renewable energy sources available, solar power is an affordable and sustainable choice and one that can be used in various applications.

Many businesses are now realising that solar power is the way forward for reducing or eliminating electricity costs and cutting down on overheads. These factors combined with the reduced impact on the environment that solar power brings, highlight the many positive attributes of solar power.

Benefits of Solar generated power

Electricity generated from Solar panels is a clean way of producing electricity a way that reduces the dependence on fossil fuels that the majority of Australian electricity providers use to generate grid electricity. Free electricity from the sun as some would see it.

The cost of setting up a solar system might seem expensive. However there is some good news in that the majority of solar systems pay for themselves within 4 years.

After that period, and with a 30 year solar panel guarantee there are many years of not having to depend solely on an electricity provider for your electricity. In essence you will be your own electricity provider.

One of the most attractive features about electricity generated from solar is the longevity that can be guaranteed from solar panels used. SolarWorld panels have a guaranteed 30 year linear performance.