Convergence of power grid and renewable energy generation system

With our Utility Commercial Solution, you can secure grid stability in the power supply system including generation, transmission and distribution. You can also enhance power quality by frequency regulation. Moreover, unstable production (short-term intermittency and imbalance of supply/demand) of renewable energy such as solar and wind power can be mitigated through ESS. Samsung SDI has been supplying optimized solution for the environment and needs of the customers, developing large scale ESS system on the basis of our finest lithium-ion cell technology.

Cost reduction through effective energy management

ESS helps to effectively use and manage your energy that leads to the reduction of electricity bill. According to the charging system of each country, various solutions can be configured and applied for example charging a battery with low-priced night time electricity and cutting electricity cost by lowering peak demands. For large buildings, ESS can be established to lower peak demands of the plant and reduce electricity charge by utilizing the charging system. Besides large office buildings consuming a lot of electricity, hospitals, schools, factories, gas stations, and other commercial & industrial institutions can also expect the benefit of stable electricity supply and cost reduction by means of ESS. When connected to the private power station like photovoltaic system, you can build a 24/7 operable private power network.


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