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Solar users should be rewarded

The days of generous feed-in tariff rates for homes and businesses with solar power are long gone, but the battle to ensure solar users get a fair rate for their renewable energy rages on.

Clean Energy Council Network Specialist Tom Butler said the recognition that solar power provides triple-bottom-line social, environmental and economic benefits is a significant progressive step. Solar can reduce carbon emissions and cut peak power demand from the grid which is particularly valuable, he said.

There are many examples where solar power has been able to cut the strain on the grid on hot days when everyone has been at home with their air-conditioners switched on. When this happens, the cost of electricity is at its highest, and the power saved by solar energy equates to millions of dollars across the power grid, Mr Butler said. A better way of acknowledging and rewarding the benefits solar users deliver across the electricity system, as proposed in the draft report, would be extremely welcome. This is something the Clean Energy Council has been working towards for a long time.

Our Future Proofing in the Electricity Distribution Industry (FPDI) project contained a lot of work and analysis designed to highlight these benefits for just this reason. As it currently stands, the driver for policy in electricity the National Electricity Objective contains no basis to address the environmental impact of electricity. Government leadership like this is needed to manage the environmental impact of electricity production. Despite the market objective being inadequate, solar continues to deliver a clear public benefit by producing large amounts of clean energy, and reducing the amount we get from coal or gas and the pollution that comes with that. It is a remarkable technology, which we will only see more of in the future. The draft report will go out for consultation, with a discussion paper to be released in June and the final report delivered early in 2017.