Alma St Kindy: Our experience with Wescor has been one that we cannot rate highly enough. From the first phone call to the last, Wescor have been a pleasure to deal with. All requests were dealt with promptly and without question. Installation was organised in a very timely manner and completed with very little interruption to our day to day operations at the kindy. The professionalism shown right from the initial data logging and economic analysis right through to the connection to the grid was second to none. We highly recommend Wes and the team for any commercial installations. Jenny McIntosh, Administration

Advice Partners: Given the nature of our business, Wes decided to construct the system out of normal business hours to minimise any disturbance and noise that may have impacted on our clients during installation. We were exceptionally pleased with the quality of the components, the quality of the install and the ease with which the project was undertaken. Wescor took care of all the paperwork and made the process very simple for us. Our electricity bill has dropped dramatically and surprisingly we get some solar production even on rainy days. It has converted our rooftop into something that reduces our operating expenses, couldnt be happier. Simon Thomas, Owner

Atkinsons Smash Repairs:Our operating expenses were on the rise, I had heard about solar and it wasnt until I spoke with Wes that I truly realised the potential that solar would have on our bill. The solar works 365 days a year and matched our consumption very well, we even export some energy at times. The equipment Wescor installed has worked faultlessly for the last 5 years and is reliable and dependable. The install happened without disruption and nothing was too much trouble. I would recommend Wescor to any business considering solar at a medium scale. Excellent work. Noel Atkinson, Owner

Gympie West BP:With our electricity bills on the rise, we contacted Wescor about a possible solar system for reducing our bill. After measuring our roof space and calculating the maximum capacity our roof would allow, Energex stipulated we needed a zero export solution. Wescor installed the equipment and now we can see just what the solar is doing for us through the online monitoring system. It really is great being able to see our power flows on the computer or smart phone and to make use of our otherwise un-productive roof space. Our consumption is mainly during the day, the solar technology is now proven so the solar was a good, safe investment for our business. Shane Waldock, Owner