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At Wescor Electrical Your Commercial Solar Experts we provide and install quality solar systems using the latest quality components and systems. Our solar systems are designed to be adaptable to future energy demands and new technology. We are constantly researching the latest solar technologies with the aim of providing our customers with state of the art solar systems. We have installed over 1200 solar systems in the Cooloola, Wide Bay Burnett, Sunshine Coast and Brisbane regions ranging in size from 1kW to 54kW. We are backed by manufacturers and workmanship warranties making Wescor known for delivering top quality solar systems that are built to last. All systems are installed by our CEC accredited installers and licensed electrical contractors. Whether it is for residential or commercial premises, Wescor Electrical Your Commercial Solar Experts can design, construct and commission a solar system based on each individual customers requirements.

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BYD Battery

Solar Panels

SolarWorld Solar Panels At Wescor Electrical.

We use German designed and manufactured SolarWorld panels which have a proven reliability and long service life. We are reassured …

Solar Inverters

Here at Wescor Electrical we use and install SMA Invertors. Solar Technology AG develops, produces and sells solar inverters and monitoring systems for photovoltaic applications. SMA is the worlds largest …

Battery Systems

We use BYD lithium-iron phosphate (LiFePO) batteries in our Solar Battery Systems.   National Testing in Canberra has put these batteries in the top three available in Australia

We install these in a purpose built cabinet ….

Large Enclosure with Equipment and 12 Batteries

Equipment Enclosures

Battery and Power Conversion equipment panels are made of aluminium and purpose designed for 19″rack mount batteries.

The panels are light and easier to maneuver into place than Steel enclosures …..

General Electrical Work

At Wescor we also do general electrical work, Domestic Commercial and Industrial

SOME Recent Projects

Our Work covers Industrial, Commercial and Residential.

We work with you to provide the best possible solution installed to our high standards.

Residential Solar

Houseing Grid Connection


Battery Storage

Commercial Solar

3 Phase Grid Connection

Domestic Off Grid

Battery Inverter Systems

Solar Pumps

Skid Mounted Solar Pump

Do you need Professionals to project manage and install your solar installation?

We have the best engineers with the necessary experience and training to complete your project on time and on BUDGET


Our Promise and Values

We aim to eliminate the task of dividing your project between different suppliers and service providers. We are a company that offers design and installation, services from the preliminary stage to the final stage.

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